CPCS Card Qualification

Take advantage of the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) which provides a standardised card scheme to show at a glance the skills of plant operators, which will help you either secure a job or hire the staff with the skills you seek.

Improve Safety and Reduce Accidents

Help improve the safety of your site for yourself and others by using the CPCS cards as a means to make all plant operators more aware of health and safety issues. The aims of the CPCS are to establish a competent and safe plant industry by improving quality and safety, based on an independent assessment of competence. It includes a Health and Safety Test, a theory test, a technical test and a practical test.

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Give Yourself An Advantage and Gain Access to Opportunities

Increase the likelihood of gaining work on sites as most major contractors and the national house building federation insist on plant operators using the CPCS cards on sites, although not mandatory at the moment. The CPCS cards are the largest and most highly recognised card scheme for the plant industry and sets the industry standard for construction plant operators hence its adoption by most UK sites.

There are many different CPCS categories which cover all the plant sectors of the construction industry. The most common cards issued are the red Trained Operator CPCS cards and the blue Competent Operator CPCS cards.

To find out more about the CPCS, any of the tests or the CPCS cards please call our team today to discuss how you are able to benefit from the scheme.